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AirBit Club

AirBit Club

Hello there!

Thank you for reading this article… but be warned… it will be a lengthy one.

Before I even started typing… I was thinking… how shall I make this? Should this article be a short testimonial, or my personal experience?




And for better of for worse… I have choosed door number 2 🙂 , so here it goes.

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Money flow quadrant

Robert Kiyosaki - quadrant

Robert Kiyosaki – quadrant

Let us clarify few more things concerning business and income.

As You may know, man on this picture is Robert Kiyosaki and drawing next to him is something that made him famous. It is so great and simple symbol, that can explain (to anyone) almost all aspects of money flow, work and earning.
If You have ever wondered, why some (or all) things regarding business, works a certain way, this is a great place to start understanding it. So what Robert did here?

What these letters represent?

E – Employed – Employee
S – Selfemployed
B – Business owner
I – Investor


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