Regular job vs network marketing

Job vs network marketing

Job vs network marketing

OK, if things about network marketing are now a bit more clear, let us explore how interesting it might become.

Majority of population is conditioned to one life pattern. Starting from primary school, up to what ever level of education, through classical education system, we attain certain knowledge. But through that process, we are implanted with one specific lifestyle.

In this part of world, (but I expect it to be global truth) our parents have told us many times: Be a good student, finish high school,… and You will get a good job. This is something that has been repeated for decades. Of course, our parents only had our best interest in mind. They only wanted for us to have a better life. And that is all fine.
But, what is wrong with this is one simple fact: this educational/employment approach is OBSOLETE.

If You are older than 30, chance is that Your parents have earned their retirement, working in one company since day one. Or at least they have spent a majority of their employment in one company. That is quite normal for them. Finish school, get a job, and that is it. Steady job and steady income is just a dream these days

Why is that?


It is simple. Whole world has changed. Technology brought great changes in a way things are now manufactured. Internet provided us with new channels of communication and distribution. Means and ways of delivery and transport are far more effective. Way of building is changed. That also made changes to a way we live now. And all of this in just last 100 years. Just look at how life was in 1916. At the peak of the industrial revolution. And then… look around.

This kind of a perspective is something people cant grasp. They are mostly not interested. So… they keep living and working by the rules that are set up 100 or more years ago. And these rules were fine for a while. But.. they are not working today. Nowdays, it is quite normal and it is expected for someone to change several companies and positions throughout his/hers working years. It is normal to seek a better solution, easier and better payed job. Distances and even borders are not an issue any more.

We are now prompted with new challenges.


In old times, it was normal to go to work, do your job, and get home. Today… it is more and more about performance. How good You perform defines Your salary, but also is a measure of Your value as a worker. One who cannot achieve certain goals, certain norms, simply gets fired. There is no more mercy. And targets and norms are greater each year.
There is only one common thing between old and new way. No matter in which century You are working, if You are working for someone, rule stays the same…. You work 40 hours weekly, for next 40 years only to get 40% of income You are making right now.

I know, and am aware that without “regular” jobs and let`s say steady income we can not survive. This is still my life. I also still work at such job, for a salary. Fixed salary. And that exact fact that my  salary is fixed, made me think. Made me looking for a better solution. Because.. have you ever heard that someone got rich on salary only? Can You grasp what that salary did to mine, but also to Your life?

Weather You know it or not, it totally defined all aspects of our existence. With fixed income, no matter how big or small it is, You, me, everybody… are conditioned… To where we live, how good will we eat, or what shall we wear, what car can we drive (if we even can afford one), to extent … that we have to calculate how many children can we have! Of course, that is not so direct. But when You write down X amount of income and Y amount of expenses …. You can see it for Yourself. That is without any unexpected situations. What can You do then? Take a bank loan, thus getting even less out of Your paycheck. Sick leave? You get even less…  Loosing job?

What I want to say it is simple, there is no security in a “real” job, game rules are hardened, and rewards are smaller. We are witnessing that even level of expertise can not guarantee for anything. On top of that, that old rule 40/40/40 is becoming 40/50/40 because people are forced to work more than 40 (even 50) years. They simply have no choice, they can`t afford to retire.

That is why many people are working on one or even few extra jobs. That is quite good option in growing Your family budget, and if there is enough extra jobs, and if they are well payed… You can afford to live a bit more relaxed, go to holidays, vacations, get a new car,…

It only has one flaw.


Time. We all have 24 hours a day, and if we spread it over 2 or more jobs, even if we end up with good compensation (good money), where will that time go?When will we spend time with our family? Friends? Do we have a time to do something we rally like, or love? Like hobby, or sport,… fishing maybe?
There is also another “catch”. All “regular” jobs provides income ONLY as long we are working. That moment when we stop working on either one, money flow is getting thinner.

Except in network marketing.


If anyone decide to upgrade their network marketing “hobby” to a BUSINESS, meaning to do it seriously and responsibly as if it was a “regular” job, and do it in the right way, can make much earlier retirement, by making/creating passive (residual)income.

How is this possible?


Fairly simple, because structure of awards in all network marketing companies, is created in such a way, that once You do a good job, You are PERMANENTLY awarded (paid) for that. Like for example an author, once he makes a book, he is paid for as long that book is on sale.

But, have no illusion that network marketing is an easy job. It is not. If You are not dedicated to it, as I have said few lines back, responsibly and seriously, please do not start. No matter what anyone told You, although it is possible to make a lot of money and “finish” the job in network marketing, that is rather exception, than rule. Realistically, there is 5 to 7% of people that can do that, like in any other job. And that is just fine. Those people were probably successful before they joined to network marketing company, so they had a better starting position.
This site, and topics that will be covered are not for them. It is made for “regular” people, with everyday jobs, everyday challenges and everyday worries. For those who wish to get out of close circuit of “regular” everyday life, that is unfortunately leading nowhere.

To You I say this: If You decide to make network marketing Your choice, give Yourself 3 to 5 years to get there. To make proper retirement. Choose company that mostly appeal to You, find a mentor in that company, one that will guide You the ropes, and LISTEN to him. LEARN from him. Because if You do not work on Yourself, if You do not grow as a person, do not learn new skills, new technologies,… No one can help You, not mentor, not even company. And do remember, stay serious and dedicated all the way.

Reward is fantastic. It is true retirement, but not in 40+ years, but as soon as an in 5. And who can retire? Simple, one who has earned (worked for a lifetime for) it, or who has enough savings, or passive / residual income, so he does not have to work any more. Option 1 is just a promise, it is not guarantied any more, after 40 to 50 years of working for others. Option 2 is available for everyone. Maybe it is harder, but it is certainly not 10 times harder. And it can be done in 10 times LESS time.

If You ask me, it is worthed.

`till next lesson, Share, Tweet, Google+ this, or make a comment.

Thank You.

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