Why would You do network marketing?

network marketing

Network marketing

Now, when You know what You have learned so far, You are aware of some facts how money flows and how job goes. But these are just dry facts, that may or may not matter to You. Perhaps I should call this article just WHY? But since we are on network marketing topic it will stay as it is.

And here is simple explanation why. It does not matter what is in question, important thing is WHY would YOU do it? What are reasons behind that decision, what motivates You, drive You, give You power to push on? What empowers Your FAITH in Your success when You hit hard times?

When was last time anyone REALLY asked You: How are You?

Even better what was last time You have asked Yourself: How am I?

And to top it off have You ever asked Yourself: WHAT DO I WANT?



On one of internet educations, we were asked to write down on piece of paper answer to this question, but we only had 60 seconds to do that. We were also suggested that if we do not know answer to that, just write MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

OK, that sounds fine, but is money really what YOU want? Is that only goal?

NO. Although it sounds good, money by itself can hardly be a goal. It just can’t be the thing that moves You, motivates You, drives You day in day out. At the end, money is just a DEVICE, that will lead us to our real GOAL.

And what is it?

We all have a different wishes and desires. We had different childhood, different life circumstances, different education, until now, and we will be different in the future. Just think what would wish young vs. older people, men vs. woman, parents and couples vs. single, employed vs. unemployed…

That is why is important to answer YOURSELF, and Yourself only to this question: WHY would You do anything, WHY would You consider Your options? Because this answer is Yours! And there is nobody else who can answer it for You.

To help You with that answer, I made this članak that is in section Other, but until then, let us go back on topic.

I will give You my answer, what motivated me, and what still motivates me today to do network marketing, and that is one simple word: FREEDOM!

My guess is that You are familiar with “rat race” we are all in. Get up early enough to get to job in time. Drive/ride to work. Work with people that we might not like, work for people that we like even less. Enduring what ever comes our way, probably doing (working on) something we just have to, quite often thing we do not like. But on the other hand, that provides us with “steady” income. Drive/ride from work and trying to make something of whatever time we have left, before we go to bed. Day passes by, and it is time to repeat it all over again.
All of this might be a bit easier to endure if that “steady” income is enough, to enable us to have those few hours we are left with when we come home, filled with quality time. Yes, I know that money is not always needed for that, but it comes handy. Salary is “steady” but it is fixed. But we have growing needs. There are expenses we expect, but also those that we do not. We run around in enchanted circle, and we are running late!

It is time to say NO MORE!

It is time to once and for all brake these chains of fixed, limited income, for which we spend our precious LIFEtime, and to live a life the way we would like. Network marketing is at this moment only device available to a general population, that can help us get there. Only job where You work for Yourself from day one. And if You do it right, do it hard, with lot of effort and a lot of learning, in much less time than usual, one can create base of freedom, and that is FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. To get to a point where You DO NOT HAVE to work, but still have STABILE PASSIVE INCOME and even nice savings!
You will hear a lot of stories, You will be offered to join to many different systems, You will hear stories of huge income, about easy money, that almost falls from the sky. But rest assured, fairytale do not exist. It is possible, to achieve all of this, and yes there are a lot of people that make a lot of money doing network marketing, but never forget: there is NO easy money.

Luckily for us, there is easier, or if You like it more – smarter way of working. When You answer to Yourself, WHY would You do anything in Your life, consider about this option. Try to see if You would have a strength in You, to put such goal in front of You, and to give it all what You can for next 3 to 5 years. What do You have to lose?

Answer to this question is Yours, and Yours only.

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Thank You.

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