What is network marketing?

multilevel marketing

multilevel marketing, network marketing

Before we continue with further introduction, let us be clear what network – multilevel marketing is.

You have probably heard many times before, terms like MLM, network marketing, network sales, sales by recommendation, distribution through network,and possibly few more,…  But neither of them is in describing the job itself.

And You won’t believe how simple it is. And that is to get extra income while doing whatever You are doing right now.

You just have never done it before.



I will give You a simple example.

Let’s s say that You are going to the movies. You have picked up theatre and the movie you will watch so there will be no surprises. And so, You go to the movie projection and You had a great time. You got good places, it wasn’t crowded, got comfortable seats, movie was fine… Everything is or was exactly You would wish for, at a night out like this. And You had a good time.

For a few next days, You share that good feeling. That pleasant experience You had, with your friends and acquaintances. It is only natural to share something good with people we like. As a result of that, some of Your friends will probably go to the same theatre and watch the same movie. Since You are probably fans of same movie genre, they will be also delighted. So they will call you up, to chat about that movie, and as result you will hang out with them and spend some quality time.

And that’s it.

That is where the story ends in our regular lives.

But still the fact remains that each day, maybe even several times, we do recommend something to people we like, we know or even don’t know. Most often those are nice things, nice places, or something or somewhere we had a good time, good service, or good merchandise. But we also share quite the opposite.
Is there anyone who haven’t shared dislike or unsatisfaction with services, goods, quality, or anything else to the people he or she knows?

In both cases You are advertising.

Only difference between what I have just described and network marketing is that’s trough network marketing, You can make additional income doing the same thing.

What is in fact core idea of network marketing?

It is simple. Companies that decided to partially or fully distribute their goods or services through this channel have realized what is the power of personal recommendation. They have realized that satisfied customer of goods or services is the best commercial in the world.

Classic marketing as we know it started to grow in the beginning of  last century. At first through printed media than over the radio…. until today, when we have commercials all over. If You are watching something on YouTube, there are big chances that in the middle of what you are watching, some commercial will jump out. It will be even customized to Your preferences, if You are a frequent YouTube user.

And You? What about You? You just wanted the sea a video. And now allthough this classic approach to advertising is not getting the results, everybody has to advertise. Everybody, according to their abilities is creating a fond or budget for marketing.
What do you think is a value of a marketing budget in Coca-Cola?

Let us get back on the subject. Many companies have decided to reroute part or whole of their marketing budget, directly to those people who are really and measurably doing personal recommendations of their products or services. That means simply, that people who make quality recommendations and thus create more revenue, are directly awarded. These companies have cut through classic advertising and put everything they got, into quality of their products and/or services, expecting that some of their clients, will actively and effectively make personal recommendations in their surroundings. And are paying good for such effective marketing.

How can this be reflected over movie theatre example?

Simple. If that movie theatre was in some network marketing company, they would have a system off tracking visits and visitors. And through that system they would know, that You have done a good and effective recommendation of their establishment and the movie that was showing,  since Your friends also came to see it there. They would call You and thank you for Your recommendation and let’s say give You free tickets for some of next shows, or for the movie of Your choice, or at least a big discount, or something, anything… but the point is that YOU would be AWARDED.
That is the point of network marketing.

Let me repeat this again: This is only one of the ways available, for You, to make more income, while doing what you are already doing.

Now to stay in circles of what you are already doing, familiar surroundings, familiar ways of doing things or how You communicate, or just have fun… You have to choose right network marketing company for you.

But that is one of the following topics.

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Thank You.



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