What is network marketing?

multilevel marketing

multilevel marketing, network marketing

Before we continue with further introduction, let us be clear what network – multilevel marketing is.

You have probably heard many times before, terms like MLM, network marketing, network sales, sales by recommendation, distribution through network,and possibly few more,…  But neither of them is in describing the job itself.

And You won’t believe how simple it is. And that is to get extra income while doing whatever You are doing right now.

You just have never done it before.


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Regular job vs network marketing

Job vs network marketing

Job vs network marketing

OK, if things about network marketing are now a bit more clear, let us explore how interesting it might become.

Majority of population is conditioned to one life pattern. Starting from primary school, up to what ever level of education, through classical education system, we attain certain knowledge. But through that process, we are implanted with one specific lifestyle.

In this part of world, (but I expect it to be global truth) our parents have told us many times: Be a good student, finish high school,… and You will get a good job. This is something that has been repeated for decades. Of course, our parents only had our best interest in mind. They only wanted for us to have a better life. And that is all fine.
But, what is wrong with this is one simple fact: this educational/employment approach is OBSOLETE.

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Money flow quadrant

Robert Kiyosaki - quadrant

Robert Kiyosaki – quadrant

Let us clarify few more things concerning business and income.

As You may know, man on this picture is Robert Kiyosaki and drawing next to him is something that made him famous. It is so great and simple symbol, that can explain (to anyone) almost all aspects of money flow, work and earning.
If You have ever wondered, why some (or all) things regarding business, works a certain way, this is a great place to start understanding it. So what Robert did here?

What these letters represent?

E – Employed – Employee
S – Selfemployed
B – Business owner
I – Investor


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Why would You do network marketing?

network marketing

Network marketing

Now, when You know what You have learned so far, You are aware of some facts how money flows and how job goes. But these are just dry facts, that may or may not matter to You. Perhaps I should call this article just WHY? But since we are on network marketing topic it will stay as it is.

And here is simple explanation why. It does not matter what is in question, important thing is WHY would YOU do it? What are reasons behind that decision, what motivates You, drive You, give You power to push on? What empowers Your FAITH in Your success when You hit hard times?

When was last time anyone REALLY asked You: How are You?

Even better what was last time You have asked Yourself: How am I?

And to top it off have You ever asked Yourself: WHAT DO I WANT?


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Најчешће предрасуде

predrasudeОво ми је једна од омиљених тема. Толико тога сам се наслушао током година да ме данас више ништа не може изненадити поводом предрасуда које људи имају везано за мрежни маркетинг. Добрим делом је то и довело до постављања овог сајта и до садржаја које пишем.


Зато што су главни узроци свих предрасуда на овом свету у суштини незнање, непознавање или игнорисање и незаинтересованост. Ако се на ове особине дода страх или неколико разних страхова…. ствар постаје још тежа.

Али нећемо сад о томе, него ћемо да рашчланимо неколико главних предубеђења, односно онога са чиме Вас људи дочекају на прву лопту и пре него што почнете разговор са њима.

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