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Hello there!

Thank you for reading this article… but be warned… it will be a lengthy one.

Before I even started typing… I was thinking… how shall I make this? Should this article be a short testimonial, or my personal experience?




And for better of for worse… I have choosed door number 2 🙂 , so here it goes.


While growing as networker, many good books and seminars came across, that eventually lead to full understanding of famous Kyosaki quadrant. You know what I mean >> Employee, Self employed, Business owner and Investor. I wrote article on that subject here.

So for the past few years now, I was looking for a way to get to Investor role.

Now, there are loads of business opportunities, especially through networking that can get me there, and I was (and am still doing one that felt right to me) involved there… But as any honest networker will confirm, working/talking with people will eventually take its toll. There are just things that are hard to go beyond, like people that you are surrounded with. Yes you can always meet new ones, attract new ones, but at the end, if not successful over reasonable period of time, you will get tired.



That can leave you, as it left me, a bit bitter… Having great tool that can make life better financially… but just not being able to get there.

So I was looking for a way out. To find something where I can utilize my networking experience, but eventually even if that does not help me… to be able to create that residual income on my own.

That is where crypto currencies caught my attention. Bitcoin to be more exact.


It is here, and as far as I can see.. it is here to stay.

OK. So now what?

How can I make it work for me?

And is there any kind of organization that is legit and that can make something more than just following how Bitcoin is working on its own.


Maybe I should just buy me a Bitcoin mining rig and have it stashed somewhere… That was tempting for quite a while, but for rig to be able to make me sufficient profit, it cannot be cheap. Plus maintenance expenses. Plus if something goes wrong… Sure, for whatever mining rig option I would go, it would make a profit.. I am certain of that, but I wanted more.

Then I have heard of rent a rig option… like getting a piece of mining cloud, where someone else would take care of hardware and expenses, and share with me a percent of what his mining cloud does. Of course scaled to how much money I get into that. Sounded much better than owning rig myself, but (yes another but), what guarantee do I have?

That all lead to the beginning of this year, where a friend of mine introduced me to Airbit Club. And he offered me more/less same thing as this cloud mining is… and this time since I knew him, I could have at least some kind of guarantee.

Thought about it for a while… and decided to give it a go. It had option to start low, and work your way up through networking, and also quite low investment starting point. It has simple binary tree. And few simple rules.

One can say it sounded too good to be true. I thought so also…


That is why I have started with few small/minimum packages just to see how it will go. Being from networking, and knowing what binary tree and positioning at one can mean here, was main reason for doing so. Knowing that at any time I can upgrade to investor level package, put my mind at ease.

So again I started with networking part… but as before.. being limited to people I know, I did not get too far. Not far enough to where I wanted to be.

That was the moment when I decided to go on full investor mode. I have upgraded all of my initial packages, and now enjoy daily profits made by trading with crypto currencies on auto pilot.

There is nothing more I have to do, except to cash out/pay out my profits.


Or, to reinvest it to the system again. Which is what I have chosen to do.

So now, I am at the point where I want to be. Having my money working for me. At the same time having opportunity to get some more money by sharing this information and helping people get where I am, or even go further, thus satisfying my networking side.

After roughly 3 months now.. that I am within this club, I have checked and tested all that was told to me, and all proven to be right. Every commission was paid as promised, in time promised, every entry was registered as explained. There are no more things to test.

And that is why am I making this article.


If you are looking for a way to create residual income, stress free, based on real trading on real live and active crypto currencies, while maybe still having an networking itch… this might be something for you.

It sure is great for me.

Also, as you might have noticed, I have not written anything about technical or system information, but that is because I do not want to burden anyone with that. It is not the point of this article… Just wanted to share my way of getting here, and perhaps help someone else to make their decision.

So, perhaps main title of this article is a bit misleading, but it is my personal story and experience that I am having with Airbit Club.

Of course, I am open to chat on this subject, so if you would like to know more details… drop me a line 🙂


Also feel free to share, tvit or g+ this aricle 🙂

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