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Hello, my name is Dragan Lukic, I am from Novi Sad, Serbia and I am network marketer. My job can be summed up like this: Through time I have learned how to help people achieve some of their business, financial or life goals, through network marketing.
There were plenty of challenges in that process, and I think I have made all mistakes that can be done.

Since network marketing is in essence working with people, let me ask You… Did it ever happened to You that your contacts have not shown up to an appointment? Or that they question You during phone call prior that meeting „what is it about“, so You get negative answer even if you have not answered to that? So in effect, they will not answer your calls, or they are even avoiding you in person? Maybe You have made it to an appointment, got positive reaction, they maybe were thrilled by the idea, but just to see it disappear in next few days, followed by avoiding or bunch of excuses… How many times you have heard: „Oh, I will not do sales, I don`t like it“ or „I do not have money for that now“ or “Sorry, I don`t have time for doing that…”?

Shall I continue? Or it is already clear that this is just a part of thing I have gone through. And I have started as everyone else. Lots of enthusiasm, not quite clear of what this program is about, and desire to use it to solve some of my issues. Since that was my first experience with marketing, let alone network marketing, I was doing as I was told to do. Unfortunately, like in a saying, it was like blind leading the blind. Those who should get me going, instruct me, did not know much more than me. And what they did know, was outdated.

After shaky beginnings I have realized one thing. If I am to make something in this program that got my attention, I will need to learn new things. But how? From whom? Successful and experienced people said: If you want to do something in your life, see who succeeded in that, and copy him. Do what he has done. Do how he has done it. Sounds good, but those people are hard to reach, even inside the company.

What to do now?

Look for tutorship, disregarding company. Ask around and learn from anyone who is willing to share or sell his knowledge. (this means attending different courses, seminars, webinars, buying books, audio and video materials)

After long(ish) research, right people started rising up. With their help I have finally got to point to understand my mistakes, why I have I made them, and most important of all I have learned how to do thing right. How to communicate right. How to correctly make content. Where and how to market that content.

This text is a product of that education. Page you are on, is one of applied steps of marketing content.

Sales by recommendation are not new. It has started in the beginning of last century. There are even older examples, but first companies that have used it are from that period. Most of them are still selling their goods or services today. And that is good for them, to still be in business and to make profit. Unfortunately, this does not mean that their distributors/associates are doing that good.

Why is that?

Way of doing things, technology of work, has not change since then! People even these days do network marketing based on rules that were made in the beginnig of the last century! Even I was instructed to do things that way. If You have ever done it before, or You are doing it now, it is great chance that You also are instructed in same way. But it is obsolete.

It has been overriden over by technology. By a way(s) of communication. Most of all, what stands out is obvious pattern. Let me go back to phone call from top of the page… You sure know several ways to call your prospects… You know what? Your prospects know them too! So they can feel in short time where that conversation is going and what is Your agenda. Or at least what they think is Your agenda, to “fish” them in into something.

Is this familiar?

Luckily, there are solutions for everything. Once You catch up pace with the time we live in, with all tools available today and when (as me) You learn necessary skills, this job will be much easier. Don`t think that this what I will write about is like magic wand and that it will resolve all challenges in one stroke. But it is fully proven and functional way to make your work easier. In order to make it work, You will have to learn, to be dedicated, to work a lot… and after some time, it will start showing some results. How much time and how big those results will be, depends on You and your current skills.

To be successful in this century, You have to use technology of this time. This means, Internet, mobile phones, smart devices, … Simply put, if  You cant handle those, your job will get harder and harder. Look around. There are adults around us, 21+ years of age, that do not know a life without these technologies. Their communication is focused on electronic devices and media. They do not have time to seat down and listen to You (although they do tend to hangout a lot), but they do keep track of all things (interesting to them) that “pop out” their phones, tablets, computers…

There lies an abundance of possibilities and I will do my best, to walk you through them in my following posts and videos.


Because it is my choice to help people to achieve their goals and I see network marketing one great tool to do that. Also I would like to share my experience and knowledge and to tell You what and how would I like to have been told in the first place. I wish to show you a way that unquestionably leads to success.

Before we start anything, I will assume that you have serious interest in this business and that you have dedicated time to do it. If that is not the case, You MUST make Your daily routine. It is of no use for You to read this, if You will not know when you will do necessary steps.
So, first task is simple: plan Your time. Make a plan for each day.

Now when You know Your daily routine, here are topics that will be covered:

what is network marketing
regular job vs network marketing
money flow quadrant
why would You do network marketing
– најчешће предрасуде
– како одабрати праву компанију
– како одабрати правог ментора
– како се радило некад
– најчешће грешке
– увод у нови начин пословања
– како се правилно користи лична фејсбук страница
– зашто се прави професионална фејсбук страница
– како се прави квалитетан садржај
– како се фитрирају потенцијални сарадници
– како се прави списак за контактирање тзв. топла листа
– како се ради „регрутација“ нових сарадника а да им се не представља пословна идеја
– шта се ради са новим сарадником
– како се води тим
– едукација

This is just a basics of a program that I will be doing. There will be more topics related to this matter, practical advices, how to`s,… that I will insert whenever it seems right.

To keep in flow with content that I will publish, You can bookmark this page, or leave Your name, surname and e-mail address through contact page so You are up to date with new stuff.

Thank You, see You soon 🙂

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